Saturday, March 1, 2014

Week #1 in Hannover (24 February 2014).  Reese said good-bye to Osnabruck.  On Monday evening he said good-bye to the Kosters and to Matthias and Bernard.  Here are four photos:

Tuesday was transfer day.  Here are a couple of photos of Reese at the Osnabruck train station before his 70-minute train ride to Hannover.  Notice that he and Elder Hogan are wearing their "companionship ties," a tradition in the Berlin mission.

The "selfie" above is of Reese and L-R, Elder Hale (headed for Schwerin), Elder Saunders (staying), and Elder Hogan.  Here is one more of Reese and Elder Hale with Elder Hogan in the background.

Reese sounded like he was happy to be in Hannover.  The work is moving forward and they will have a number of opportunities to teach the gospel.  Reese said he and his new companion, Elder Atkinson, "get along really well and he has really good German."  He said Elder Atkinson "just knows how to work," which is very high praise from Reese.  Here is a photo of Reese with Elder Atkinson:

 Here is a photo of Hannover from the back window of his new apartment:

Reese and Elder Atkinson have responsibility for the Hannover East zone.  Here is a map with a basic outline of the zone, in dark blue:

They share their apartment with the ZLs for the Hannover West zone--Elder Haid and Elder Smith.  Elder Smith was Reese's district leader in Osnabruck and they also served together in the Chemnitz zone.  Reese has great respect for him.  Here is Elder Smith after some cupboard tidying work:

Overall, Reese simply sounded joyful.  He enjoys his companion; they have opportunities to teach the gospel; they both want to work hard; and the ward appears to be supportive.  He concluded his letter:  "All in all, Hannover is super cool. . . .  This week is looking good.  We have my first Mission Leadership Council (MLC) on Friday, at the temple in Freiberg!  I am looking forward to that.  It is fun being here and we are going to do really well."

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