Saturday, October 25, 2014

Week #11 in Oldenburg (13 October 2014).  Reese reported another busy week of missionary work.  They had a zone training meeting on Wednesday.  Here are a couple of photos, one serious and the other silly:

They also had the chance to teach a sister investigator who, from the first visit, has been eager to learn more.  She also came to church on Sunday with her two daughters.  They made her some cookies, which Reese said tasted okay but turned out quite flat, probably because of old baking soda.  On Thursday, they traveled to Leer for a baptismal interview.  On Saturday, they had an open house at the Church and 15 people came.  President Kosak spoke at a fireside after the open house and Reese thought it was a great talk.  In an interview with President Kosak, Reese was told that, at the next transfer, he could choose to stay in Oldenburg or move to a new area.  Reese told the president that he was happy to do whatever he wanted him to do.  We shall see in a couple of weeks.  Reese concluded his letter:  "All in all, I am excited for the coming weeks.  We really have quite a bit going for us now (that would be one reason why it would be sad to leave here), and life is good."

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