Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Week #1 in Chemnitz.  On Monday February 25, 2013 (Reese's P-Day) we received a letter and a couple of photos from Reese.  He was in good spirits, enjoying Elder Duncan and Chemnitz.  It has been cold and snowy since his arrival.  Here is a picture of his apartment, the entrance is in the white building to the left side of the photo. 

And here is a photo of their bus stop near their apartment.  Reese mentioned that he was very impressed with the public transportation system.

Reese said they had a zone training meeting the prior week during which he fell asleep because of jet lag. He also indicated the following about an investigator who he likes: "One of the things holding him back was coffee. To help him stop, we agreed to not eat chocolate for a week so he wouldn't drink coffee. It was my first week in Germany and I couldn't eat chocolate. I still have one more day.  It's pretty tough. Fortunately Haribo [gummi bears] can satisfy my sweet tooth. Anyway, we have checked up on him and he's been drinking warm milk in the morning instead." Ahh, the sacrifices of missionary work. Actually, I think this was a very nice idea from Reese and Elder Duncan. Reese also said that "The Müllers are the ward mission leaders, and they are really nice. They talked nice and slow to me so I could understand, haha. The ward is really pretty cool. I could understand about half of everything that was said, which I think isn't too terrible. I had to bear my testimony in sacrament, it wasn't too bad."

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