Saturday, March 9, 2013

Week #2 in Chemnitz. 
In his weekly letter, Reese wrote that the prior week had not been as productive because both he and Elder Duncan were sick.  Elder Duncan got sick on Tuesday and then Reese became ill on Friday and ran a fever most of the weekend.   Another struggle during the prior week was a general bus strike in Germany which made transportation difficult for everyone.  Reese said he is allotted two hours for email and they use an internet cafe.  It sounds like they are doing a lot of teaching and contacting at the Chemnitz University of Technology, an 11,000 student university where the majority of students are studying engineering, science and technology.  They have taught students from India, China and Vietnam and carry Books of Mormon in Chinese and Hindi.  This week, they also did some service at the Tierpark (Zoo).  They moved logs into trucks but right afterwards Reese had a fever of 101.6. He ended up losing about 2.5 kgs, roughly 6 lbs. Reese said that "Elder Duncan was super understanding about me being sick (possibly because he was sick earlier in the week). It was really nice. I hope that I don't get sick ever again, even though I know it will happen at some point. He is a really good companion."  Reese mentioned that sometimes they people watch from their windows:  "Elder Duncan's old companion called that a DDR fernsehen, or DDR TV.  If you didn't already guess, it is because [in former East Germany], they didn't have TV's, so they had to watch out the window."
Reese did not send any pictures this week but the mission president published a photo on the mission blog from a recent zone leader meeting that I thought showed a fun side of the President and the mission.  It was captioned:  "Unapproved But Appreciated Picture."  President and Sister Kosack are in the middle of the photo with the zone leaders.  Here it is:

Overall, it sounds like Reese is doing very well and continues to have a good experience in Chemnitz with Elder Duncan.

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