Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Week #3 in Chemnitz.  Reese continues to have a good experience with Elder Duncan in Chemnitz.  Here is a photo of Reese, Elder Duncan and a young member of the Church in Chemnitz at whose house they ate dinner on Sunday:

This is a photo of Reese at the Chemnitz Innenstadt, the weekly market in the middle of the city:

Reese reported on visiting with several investigators and on an FHE with some ward members and recent converts that he said was a “fun way to finish P-day.”  He also said on Wednesday they had a district meeting at which he “gave a short spiritual though in German. That was pretty tough.  Then I went on my first Tausch, or exchange.  I went with Elder Rückaure to Mitweida.  It was pretty fun and we met with a cool potential investigator.  We talked all about the Church and Elder Rückaure, a native, was able to answer all of his questions.  Good thing he was native.  Elder Rückaure is really cool too.”  Friday, he wrote, “was a really good day. We started out going to the Tierpark [the Zoo] again, and did some more service.  I think the Elders in Chemnitz have always done service there.  We went to McDonald's after because we had coupons.  My first American fast food since I have left haha.  I ate a lot, but it was tasty.”  Saturday, he said, was “not as good” because “3 of our 4 appointments fell through.”  He then said that “Sunday Church was good. I passed the sacrament. I slowly understand more and more. We went with [a member family] to their house for dinner.  It was a traditional German meal--Rotkohl, Knödeln, and a big turkey leg.  It was pretty good, but so much food.  I wasn't able to eat it all, probably because I was sick and my stomach shrank.  Dessert was this interesting custard thing.  It was still good.  The boys [in the family] are really cool.  We played Skip Bo with them for a little, then went to the Uni[versity] for some potentials.  Not much luck there, except we were able to give a BoM to someone. That was pretty cool.  He read the introduction right in front of us.”  As Reese wrote his email, he noted that “[a] lot of the Elders from our Zone are here in the Internet Cafe.  I am not sure what we are all going to do, but it will be fun.”  Finally, Reese said:  “It is fun to be learning German and more about the gospel.”  Overall, it sounded like a positive week.

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