Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week #19 in Chemnitz (July 2, 2013).  Reese took P-Day on Tuesday this week so that he, Elder Karlen and their Chemnitz district could attend the Freiberg temple.  Reese said they had a great time at the temple.  The session was actually in Czech but Reese listened to it in German on headphones. Here is a photo of his district at the temple:


It sounded like they had a wonderful week of missionary work.  They taught several Germans and a couple accepted challenges to be baptized.  It sounded like he and Elder Karlen were working hard and having fun together. At the tierpark (zoo) this week, Reese worked with Elder Brindley, who is 6'8".  He sent a great picture of the two of them that I can't locate.

After one of those rare, awesome mission weeks filled with joyful teaching, Reese concluded his letter by saying:  "I am doing pretty well. I think it is fun to work with Germans, finally.  I am enjoying my mission and I finally feel like I won't really run into many problems with German.  I still have a long way to go before it is perfect, but it is fun to be able to talk with all the members and to not be as scared on the street. I am pretty tired all the time, but I know it is the good kind of tired. I still think of the law of consecration a lot. I finished Jesus the Christ, and am now going to start reading more in the D&C. I am excited.  I read the Pearl of Great Price.  I . . .  like how our church is continually learning....."

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