Friday, June 28, 2013

Week #18 in Chemitz (24 June 2013).  Reese said they had a jam-packed week.  And a hot one.  Apparently, the temperature got up to around 36 Celcius (almost 97 degrees Fahrenheit).  On Thursday, they took a train to Leipzig for a Zone Conference.  Reese thought it was a great conference and was particularly energized by the emphasis on scripture study.  He said that, since the conference, he had been reading slower but much more effectively.  He also enjoyed the testimony meeting. Here are two pictures from the zone conference, the first of the entire zone and the second of the training portion of the meeting:

It sounded like they met a few new investigators, a couple of whom expressed sincere interest in the gospel.  It will be fun to hear of any progress next week.

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  1. Hi! I have a letter to send Reese, but I can't find an address and don't know a better way to contact his parents! If you could give me his address, that would be great!!

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