Monday, September 16, 2013

Week #1 in Osnabrück (9 September 2013).  To start, here is a photo of Reese's Osnabrück apartment:

Reese said it was nicer than his place in Chemnitz but they had a bit of cleaning to do after their arrival.  It sounds like the missionary work will be a bit slower, at least to start.  Osnabrück has a healthy branch--Reese said about 60 members--but he did not have a chance to meet many of them this week because they had a district conference in Oldenburg.  He's anxious to get to know the members of the branch.  Those he has met so far (he was able to go to Institute), he really liked.  The branch building is actually quite close to Reese--only about a five minute walk from his apartment.

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