Monday, September 2, 2013

Week #28 in Chemnitz (2 September 2013).  Reese learned that this will be his last week in Chemnitz.  He is being transferred to Osnabrück, which is on the west side of the mission about 100 km west of Hannover and in the Oldenburg Zone.  Osnabrück has a branch and is in the Oldenburg District of the Church (no stake).  Reese's new companion will be Elder Mitchell who has been serving in Annaberg-Bucholz, which is in the Chemnitz zone.  Reese and he actually worked together as companions for a couple of days while they were both waiting for Goldens (Elder Karlen with Reese and Elder Savage with Elder Mitchell).  Now they will be serving together and replacing the two current Osnabrück elders.  Reese was excited to have the chance to serve with Elder Mitchell and also pleased to learn that his new district leader will be Elder Smith, who Reese grew to like when Elder Smith was serving in Hohenstein-Ernstthal in the Chemnitz zone.  (Elder Smith is in Bad Bentheim right near the Dutch border.)  It's a bit of a Chemnitz Zone reunion and I think they are excited to serve together.  Here is a photo of Elder Mitchell, on the left, which was taken when he picked up his Golden, Elder Savage, on the same day Reese and Elder Karlen began serving together:

The week in Chemnitz sounded like a productive one.  Lots of meetings with investigators, some of whom were making real progress. Reese mentioned they had district meeting in Mittweida on Thursday and then the district visited Kriebstein Schloss (Castle) for the rest of their p-day (they had taken a 1/2 p-day the previous week).  Here are two photos from the castle:

After transfer calls on Saturday, they had dinner with the ZLs at "Vapianos," which Reese said was delicious.  Here are three photos from the dinner:

Elder Karlen very generously treated Reese to dinner.  Reese will miss him when he leaves Chemnitz.  They've had a good experience together.  I think they both hope a couple of their baptismal commitments will come through in the next few weeks.  Too bad Reese will not be there to participate.  Reese said that he was excited to be going to Osnabrück but:  "I will miss the ward in Chemnitz."  He surely will.  Here are a few photos of Reese with ward members who have been kind to him during his time in Chemnitz:

Chemnitz has been a wonderful place to begin his mission.  We are truly grateful to the ward, his companions and the many kind investigators he has met.

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