Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week #13 in Osnabruck (2 December 2013).  Reese headed his letter this week with "The Gospel Will Find You. Always."  He and Elder Mitchell had a wonderful experience of finding a member who had been baptized, moved soon after his baptism and lost contact with the Church.  He saw Reese and Elder Mitchell at a bus stop, came up to them and said that he and his family had been reading the Book of Mormon every night.  It turns out he was moving to Bremen but he is now in touch with the missionaries and his ward there.  They also had a couple of good teaching experiences with other investigators, one of whom came to church for the third time.

Reese also mentioned that he had been interviewed by a journalist in front of a live audience of 25 students.  The interview will be posted in a local paper and blog.  Before he did the interview, Reese received permission from President Kosak and from his ward mission leader.  It sounds like an interesting experience.  I'm proud of him that he had the courage to do it.

The week also saw Thanksgiving.  Reese commented that the day had been "true American missionary status," with two eating appointments.  They ate a Thanksgiving meal with a kind American family and had a wonderful time.  Reese did say:  "Instead of pumpkin pie :( we had sweet potato cupcakes.  They were awesome, but I miss pumpkin pie."  I think it's the first time he's "complained" about food in Germany, which he has truly loved.  After the Thanksgiving meal, they went immediately to another dinner appointment and managed again to eat plenty of food before, Reese said, they "rolled" home.

Finally, last week, Reese had indicated they were heading off to the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) for an evening p-day (they worked during the day so they could take the evening).  This week Reese reported that the market had been "awesome."  Here are a couple of photos from the Christmas Market and a picture of Reese with enchiladas he and Elder Mitchell made and of which they were quite proud:

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