Sunday, December 15, 2013

Week #14 in Osnabruck (9 December 2013).  The work was a bit slow this week with what seemed like more rejection than opportunities to teach.  Still, there was one wonderful event.  One of the sisters' investigator's was baptized.  Reese was able to do the baptismal interview and had a nice experience.  He said:  "The baptism was great.  I am really excited for the sisters; they have been working really hard."  Reese noted how happy the new convert looked and observed:  "Just another testimony that it is true.  It is pretty neat to see others find the happiness they were looking for."

During the week Reese had to travel by train to Oldenburg for a day for "district leader school."  He said it felt a bit strange because he was the least experienced district leader.  Reese said he was looking forward next week to the 1/2 mission Christmas party in Hamburg during the week, which he dubbed "HoHo ZoCo."  He also sent along a couple of photos to show his mother that he had received a recent care package, which included a cheap Christmas table-cloth and paper tree.

She also sent some "Reese's" Peanut Butter Cups, a long-time favorite, that were apparently a source of fun for Reese and Elder Mitchell:

Reese also said that it had snowed for the first time during the winter on Friday and he took this photo out the back window of their apartment of the snow falling on their neighborhood:

Finally, Reese said that for p-day they had returned to the Christmas Market and he sent this photo of a large Christmas tree in the city center:

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