Monday, September 1, 2014

Week #5 in Oldenburg (1 September 2014).  Reese had a joyful week.  An "awesome" investigator was baptized.  Reese said the young man was absolutely glowing after his baptism and he looks like he will be a wonderful addition to the Oldenburg Branch.  Other investigators continued to make progress.  Reese and Elder Savage also made cookies for one of their investigators.  Here is a photo:

On Friday, they were in Berlin for Mission Leadership Council, which he really enjoyed.  The focus of the meeting was on finding, which Reese noted "is the hardest part of the mission, or at least the thing with which the mission struggles (I think it is a European mission problem)."  He and Elder Savage taught a thema on Elder Bednar's talk "Converted unto the Lord," and felt like it had gone well.  Here is a photo of the Mission Leadership Council:

Reese closed his letter:  "The work here is great and we are loving it!"

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