Monday, August 25, 2014

Week #4 in Oldenburg (25 August 2014).  Another happy week for Reese. Several investigators made progress and one set a date to be baptized.  Reese seemed completely joyful.  He had the opportunity to go on a tausch in Osnabrück.  He said: "At night we rode down to Osnabrück in the train - tried to do some "Rawky" (talking to people in public transport) and nothing came of it unfortunately. Elder Simmons and I rode back up to Oldenburg. I would have wanted to tausch down there, but Elder Savage didnt have his license yet."  The next night, "they drove back down to Osnabrück and spent the night there. (lots of memories - good but melancholy)."  On Friday evening, Reese went on another tausch, this time with Elder Young in Wilhelmshaven, with whom he was very impressed.  Reese concluded his letter:  "Things are really awesome in Oldenburg. We feel super blessed and are loving it!  Cool verse I read this week D&C 3:3. It totally is true this week. Sometimes all we have to do is keep pace with God - he is not the one slowing things down. :)"  Not much in the way of photos this week.  Here's one though:

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