Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week # 1 in Berlin (8 December 2014).  Reese reported that for their last Oldenburg p-day, they went to the local Christmas market.  The next day he took the three hour and forty minute train ride to Berlin, met his new companion and headed off to the new apartment in the Zehlendorf area of Berlin.  On Wednesday they spent the whole day finding and it sounds like there will be a lot of that over the next few weeks.  Reese concluded his letter:  "Well, Berlinerisch is pretty funny, and other than that, we are just looking for prepared people.  I really want to make sure we find some people and that we can have a lot of apps before I go. I know that Christmas time can sometimes put a damper on that, so we have some work to do!  It will be great."  Here is a photo of Reese and his new companion, Elder Borgholthaus, at a Christmas market in Berlin:

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