Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Week #3 in Berlin (22 December 2014).  Reese reported a productive week with a lot to do, although not as much progress as he had hoped.  He had the chance to teach the Young Men about mission preparation on Sunday and really enjoyed that.  They worked with several less actives and Reese had a fun tausch with Elder Michael Christensen.  He reported:  "I thought it might turn into a bit of a 'trunky tausch' [because Elder Christensen is going home on the same day as Reese] but we worked our tails off. . . .  It started sleeting pretty hard but we still enjoyed it.  It is weird how that makes you happy sometimes--being cold and wet, but still knowing that you are working hard."  Here is a photo from the Christmas market at Alexanderplatz, their apartment kitchen and the view out their apartment window:

Finally, here are two photos.  The first is one of Reese at the Alexanderplatz Christmas market.  The second is a photo of Reese taken in June 2012 when he and his father visited Alexanderplatz on a trip to Berlin.  He's holding a "happy hippo" candy that his brother, Jimmy, had introduced him to during the time Jimmy had lived in Berlin.

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