Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Week #7 in Chemnitz (April 8, 2013 Letter).  Reese sent us this picture of him at the Freiberg Temple:

Interestingly, Mary later received an email from a couple from Orem (Stephen and Ursula Timothy) who had been visiting Germany and had run into Reese and his district at the Freiberg temple.  They sent us the following picture:

Back Row, left-to-right:  Elder Ruckaure, Reese, Elder Ashby, Elder Haas, and Elder Pack.  Front Row, left-to-right: Sister Warncke, the Timothys, and Sister Schmidt. 

Reese later sent us two more photos of his Chemnitz district at the Freiberg temple.  These include Elder Fuller.  It sounds like his district does a lot together because they all attend the same ward.  Here are the two photos:

Here's a bit more of what Reese said in his letter:  "Today we woke up and went to the Bahnhof to go to Freiberg. We got there for the 10:30 session. I did it in German, even though I needed a lot of help with certain parts. It is direct translated on the video, so that was pretty funny.  I really liked how small the temple was.  The celestial room was really small, but really nice. Maybe one day you can visit there. W e missed our train back and had to wait a little bit.  Anyways, this week was a really good one. We didn't really do any finding, but made some good progress with our current investigators. conference is cool, but it kind of makes the weekend difficult to teach people. Oh well.  My German is coming along pretty well. I can't understand everything, but I can say just about everything I want. Most of it is probably not perfect grammar, and talks around words, but I am excited. It is fun to look at conversation you just had and realize you answered every question right and stuff. I like that a lot. I get better everyday, but this week was particularly good. We are supposed to speak German from 9-9 and this week we did really well at it. I kind of want a German that can't speak English for a companion.  That would hard, but really good for my German. I am excited I am getting better."  He concluded with a bit about General Conference and said:  "I am thankful for the opportunity to listen to prophets.  I love everything that we are doing out here, even if it is tough a lot of the time. Love you both a lot."

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