Saturday, April 27, 2013

Week #8 in Chemnitz (April 15, 2013 Letter).  Reese had a zone training meeting that he enjoyed.   A picture of the Chemnitz Zone was posted on the mission blog:

Reese and Elder Pack continue to work steadily, although this week a large number of appointments fell through.  Reese reported a bit about how Fast Sunday works and the power of fasting:  "So after all of our other appointments started falling through, I was getting down.  I was hungry, because I had started fasting.  In Germany, you skip Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast.  I said a prayer that everything would change, and then things started turning around.  We went to see if a inactive member was there, and he finally was.  We set up an appointment for the next day."  They were also able to give someone a Book of Mormon.
     On Sunday, they had sacrament meeting early and then watched general conference.  Reese reported:  "It was only in German. If I really concentrated, I could understand about 70% of it."  Later in his letter he said:  "I am excited to be getting better at German. I am actually starting to really like Sächsich now. It is funny.  Most of the people that start in Sachsony love Sächsich, but everyone else hates it."

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