Saturday, April 27, 2013

Week #9 in Chemnitz (April 22, 2013 Letter).  No photos this week but here are a few things from Reese's letter to us:  "This week was a pretty solid one. We had some solid lessons, and set up some good stuff for next week. . . .  On Tuesday we . . . went with the ZL`s to Schwester Hartig's. We ate lunch and did service.  She made the best schnitzel I have ever had.  It was delicious. Then we cut down trees and bushes for her. She worked with us. She is 82, has a 9 year old great-grandson, but she works crazy hard.  Also she drives like a 16 year old boy.  It is awesome.  All the missionaries love her, including me. . . .  On Wednesday we had districts meeting, as usual.  After that though, we went on a tausch, and Elder Haas stayed with me in Chemnitz.  He is in the same Golden group as me, so we were scared about our language abilities. We still champed it though. . . . On Thursday, we did some street contacting and had not much luck.  Then we did a street display and tausched back. I was able to give out 3 Books of Mormon. They weren`t full lessons or anything, but it was still really fun.  We taught English class later, and taught about checking into a hotel.  It is always fun to teach English, because the environment is super relaxed. . . .  On Friday, we went to the Tierpark to do service again. We raked a lot of leaves. Then, with the ZL`s, we had lunch. We had these Quark Brötchen things, that were super delicious.  Like Bagel Bites, but better.  We then went to the Uni as per usual. Our 4 appointments fell out, but we were able to teach two other potential guys. It was fun that we got lucky enough to find some other teachable guys.  At the end of the night President called us, which is always freaky.  He asked for Elder Pack and then told him that he was going to be able to go to the baptism in Nienburg, which is across the mission.  It was in 2 days, and he needed to leave on Saturday, the next day.  Elder Pack was super excited.  We had to drastically change our plans. President told me that I was to work with the ZL`s in a dritt for the weekend.. . . On Saturday, we had to cancel a lot of appointments, and we tried to move everything around, but it didn`t all work out. We went and got Elder Pack`s ticket and then went to the Uni. We talked to everyone that we could to move appointments. In the end we taught one guy we didn`t expect to teach, and then had 2 really good lessons. . . .   After the lessons, we went to HauptBahnHof and watched Elder Pack get on a Train. Then I went off with Elder Fuller and Elder Ashby, the zone leaders. We tried by on a bunch of contacts, but didn`t have too much luck. Still it was really fun to be in a dritt, and to stay the night at their place.  On Sunday we woke up and went to church. The bishop gave a great talk about the ward needing to help the missionaries.  It was way good.  I spent one more night with the ZLs, because Elder Pack came back today. All in all, it was a really cool week. We didn`t necessarily have the best luck, but we did give some really good lessons. It was really fun to work with the ZL`s though. . . . I am really excited for our baptismal candidates, and I really hope that they go through."

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