Sunday, August 10, 2014

Week #1 in Oldenburg (4 August 2014).  Reese sounded happy and productive in his first letter from Oldenburg.  The outgoing ZLs had been teaching several persons that Reese and Elder Savage were eager to get to know.  They were excited that four investigators came to Church.  He said that one of the outgoing ZLs, Elder Brown, had been able to stay a couple of days with them in a drit (threesome), which had been very helpful to assist them in getting to know the area.  The week was a bit busy because they had a mission leadership council in Berlin, which required them to leave on Tuesday night and return very late on Wednesday night.  Reese enjoyed the MLC and seemed eager to put the principles to work.  Here is a photo of Reese and the MLC in Berlin and another photo of Elder Savage with their Opal Corsa.  (Reese noted that it was odd to drive again after 18 months of not driving.)

Here are a couple of photos of Reese's apartment building:

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