Monday, July 28, 2014

Week #23 in Hannover (28 July 2014).  In a surprise, Reese learned that he was being transferred to Oldenburg.  He will be a zone leader there with Elder Savage, who Elder Mitchell trained. Together they will be "white-washing" Oldenburg.  Reese's Hannover area is also being white-washed.   It sounds like there were some health issues in Oldenburg that necessitated the transfer.  Reese will have a car in Oldenburg, which is a fairly large zone.  Here is a map with the Oldenburg zone in green in the western part of the mission.  (Notice that Hannover has now been combined into a single zone.) 

The Oldenburg zone, which they refer to as the "O-Zone," includes Reese's old district in Osnabruck, toward the south part of the zone.  In other news, Reese was excited to report that his golden, Elder Karlen, will be coming to Hannover to work as a zone leader with Elder Davis. Elder Mitchell will be a district leader in Reese's zone.  It sounded like Reese and Elder Atkinson had a productive last week. They had a couple of taushes, found a couple of new investigators, and one investigator expressed a desire to be baptized, about which they were excited.  They also had a Summer Fest at their ward and four investigators came and had a lot of fun.  Sunday was a bit sad saying good-bye to the ward and others whom he has taught.  One of their investigators who came to church told Reese about a friend in Oldenburg who he believes will want to hear the gospel.  Reese and Elder Atkinson are working hard to make sure that all of the information about their investigators, friends and contacts is recorded in detail for the new missionaries who will take over their area.  With three investigators with plans to be baptized, they are eager that the area not lose momentum.  Here are a few last photos from Hannover:

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