Monday, May 6, 2013

Week #10 in Chemnitz (April 29, 2013 Letter).   Reese said that his "German is coming along little by little, I think. As they say here, schritt für schritt." They did quite a bit of street contacting this week and had some success--at least they had a number of good conversations about the Church.  A couple of his investigators came to sacrament meeting and had a good experience.  Transfer calls came this week and Reese will be staying with Elder Pack for another six weeks.  He also said that they were splitting the Hanover zone into east and west.  Here is a mission map with the new zones:

Reese also sent a couple of photos.  The first is with him and a brother in the Chemnitz Ward who they visit every week and for whom they buy groceries.  The second is a random picture of Reese with a bouquet of flowers.  I'm not quite sure where the flowers came from but at least it is a picture of Reese.


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