Monday, May 6, 2013

Week #11 in Chemnitz (May 6, 2013 Letter).  Reese's letter this week was cheerful and it sounds like they've been quite busy with missionary work.  They continue to conduct a FHE for investigators, teach an English class and do service every week at the Zoo.  Interestingly, he mentioned that at the end of one discussion, the investigator had a guitar and Reese "played him a song I learned on it. I think he liked that, because he doesn't know how to play it. Did I mention yet that I am sort of learning to play some guitar from other Elders?  I can play 2 pretty cool songs, and it is pretty fun. I can play all right because of the experience with the bass."  (If you are wondering, no, he hadn't mentioned it.  Interesting.)

It sounded like Sunday went very well.  One of their investigators came to Church and had a good experience.  They had a nice dinner with the bishop.  Reese also had a nice compliment from one of the Zone Leaders, who is from the German state of Bayern, about his German being "already way good."  It made Reese's day.  Here is one funny picture that Reese sent of his body with a Karl Marx bust.  I assume this was taken in the City Center.  During the East German era, Chemnitz was known as Karl Marx Stadt.

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