Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week #12 in Chemnitz (May 13, 2013 Letter).  Before I get to the letter, I have to mention that we had the chance to talk with Reese via Skype for Mother's Day on Saturday, May 12.  The technology actually worked quite well.  We were able to patch in Rachel and Blake (although we didn't have a video link to them because they don't have a "Premium" account.  On our end, Mom, Dad, Jimmy (and for part of it, Grandy and Papa) participated.  Even Noosa made a quick appearance.  It was great to see Reese.  He was in a private booth at an internet café.  We also had the chance to say a quick "hi" to his companion, Elder Pack and also to the zone leaders, who were calling home from the same place--Elder Ashby and Elder Dzierzon.  Both of the zone leaders made nice comments about Reese.  It was evident that they were all getting along well.  Here is a photo of Elder Ashby and Elder Dzierzon on a bus:

Reese looked good.  It made us miss him more, particularly when he said that the next Skype conversation would occur at Christmas.  Reese, however, seemed unfazed. In his letter on the following Monday, he said the call had spurred him forward.

As far as the letter, Reese said that although it wasn't a great "numbers" week, they actually accomplished a lot.  The highlight of the week was that Reese had four investigators come to Church.  They really seemed to enjoy the Mother's Day sacrament meeting.  On Wednesday, Reese said that their finding efforts had been somewhat limited because of "himmelfahrt" (Heaven Travel), which he said was "pretty crazy" with a "lot of people [who] were really drunk."  Overall, though, Reese said it had been a fun week that was uplifting for him.

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