Sunday, May 19, 2013

Week #13 in Chemnitz (May 20, 2013 Letter).  Before I turn to Reese's letter, I thought I would post two photos of Reese's Chemnitz zone.  They had a zone training meeting this week.  Reese said he enjoyed his interview with President Kosak and that the President "loved" his planner, which was pleasing to him.   Sister Kosak posted two photos from the zone training meeting.  Reese, and the rest of the missionaries seems quite happy.  The first photo is a standard zone picture.  The second is the jovial zone picture.

Here is another picture of Reese, Elder Pack and an investigator at SchlossTeich Lake in Chemnitz:

Reese also sent these two photos.  I'm not sure where they were taken.

Reese's letter this week sounded cheerful.  They had stake conference this weekend.  Chemnitz is part of the Dresden stake.  Sixty missionaries sang at the Saturday evening session of Stake Conference.  The following photo was posted on the mission blog of the missionaries singing.  We can't see Reese but he was part of the group. 

Reese had the chance to go on splits with the APs after the zone training meeting.  They visited a less active member who Elder Bangerter had baptized earlier in his mission and so it sounds like Elder Bangerter served in Chemnitz.  They had a couple of very good "joint teaches" of investigators with members of the Chemnitz ward that Reese seemed pleased by.  Overall, it sounded like a good week.

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