Saturday, June 8, 2013

Week #15 in Chemnitz (June 3, 2013 Letter).  Reese said that Chemnitz was one-half underwater because it had been raining for 2.5 weeks.  Half of Zwickau had been evacuated.  Here are some photos of the flooding in Chemitz:

It sounded like they had a good week.  Brother Liu went with them on a joint teach that Reese said had gone very well.  Another investigator came to a young ward member's baptism and had a good experience.  They continue to teach an English class every Thursday evening.  Here is a picture of Reese at the English class:

Reese also put a few more pictures in dropbox.  Here are three.  We're choosing to assume the first picture is Apple Beer. :)  Ahh, the life of a missionary.

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