Thursday, June 13, 2013

Week #16 in Chemnitz (10 June 2013 letter).  Reese learned this week that Elder Pack will be going to the mission office in Berlin and Reese will also go to Berlin to pick up a "Golden," a new missionary.  It sounded like a good week.  One beloved investigator continued to make progress with the Word of Wisdom and came and enjoyed the full block of church meetings.  Reese said that they were out tracting and a man screamed at them for ringing his doorbell.  Reese noted that they had a permit (Ausweiss) for knocking but the man still ran inside to call the police.  Reese said they moved on but noted cheerily that in Germany calling the police requires paying a fee.  Reese said that, as part of his service at the zoo, he had to dress up as a mouse (Elder Haas was a lion), and play with a group of disabled children.  He said it was fun but hot inside the suit despite a relatively cool day.  He noted his newfound respect for Disneyland workers.  Here is a photo of the two of them and then one of Reese:

Reese also said that on Thursday, after district meeting, they did a street display that mostly involved singing without much in the way of interest. Oh well.  Here are a couple of fun pictures of his Chemnitz district:

Because Elder Pack was leaving for Berlin, they visited a few friends at the university to take pictures.  Here are a couple of those photos:

On his last p-day with Elder Pack, the district went bowling.  Here is a picture of Reese with Sister Schmidt and Elder Dzierzon at the bowling alley.

Reese was pleased that he managed to bowl a 202 and join the 200 club in Germany as well.

On Thursday (June 13), we learned on the mission blog that Reese's new companion will be Elder Casey Karlen from Glendora, California.  Here's Elder Karlen's "I'm a Mormon" page.  Here's the regular photo of Reese with Elder Karlen and President and Sister Kosak:

Here is one more photo of all the June 2013 trainers together in Berlin:

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