Friday, June 28, 2013

Week #17 in Chemnitz (June 17, 2013).  Reese had another good week.  On Tuesday, he put Elder Pack and Elder Roberts (from Annaberg) on a train.  He then spent a couple of days with Elder Mitchell who is serving in Annaberg, which is to the south of Chemnitz.  They spent some of Tuesday and Wednesday in Chemnitz and then taught a lesson in Annaberg.  On Thursday morning, they woke up and headed for Berlin where he met his new companion, Elder Karlen.  He is enjoying Elder Karlen.

The big news of the week was that on Sunday they were able to baptize a university student who Reese and Elder Pack had met just before Easter.  Reese was able to perform the ordinance.  Reese also introduced Elder Karlen to Doners:

Here's another picture of Elder Karlen, just before knocking his first missionary door:


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