Friday, August 9, 2013

Week #22 in Chemnitz (July 22, 2013).  Transfer calls were this week and Reese found out that he was staying in Chemnitz.  He said that "Chemnitz is a great area, so I cannot complain."  The had the "mini missionary" for a part of the week and it turned out that he had actually been an exchange student in Provo and had seen Reese at high school before.  Small world.  Here is a picture of Elder Karlen and Oliver, the "mini"-missionary:

They did their usual service at the Tierpark (Zoo) and Reese went on a Tausch with Elder Dzierzon, who is one of his favorites in his district, partly because he is good at having "fun without taking away from the seriousness of the calling," which sounds like a wonderful trait.  Reese mentioned that, on Sunday, "We sang with the choir in sacrament. Two American business men came from Washington and [I translated for them.]  I realized how weird Americans are. I am now Euro I think...."  Here's a picture of Reese and Elder Dzierzon:

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