Friday, August 9, 2013

Week #23 in Chemnitz (July 29, 2013).  Reese had another solid week of missionary work.  He was pleased because one recent convert, who had experienced a tough couple of weeks because of criticism from friends, really came back to fellowship in the church.  It is exam time at the university and Reese mentioned they dropped by one student investigator:  "We decided to go to his door, have the BoM already open, then give a really short thought (Mosaih 4:27 - fitting for a test taker) and say a prayer."  Reese said that it had been very hot (up to 36 Celcius) for much of the week:  "Sunday was so hot, and we still have to wear jackets at church. Germany needs to get some AC stat! . . .  It was sooooo hot this week. I hate the heat. I cannot sleep very well. Sometimes it feels like I am dreaming but I am awake and vice versa."  Here are a couple of photos of Reese with his district and with some members outside the Chemnitz chapel:

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