Monday, August 12, 2013

Week #25 in Chemnitz (August 12, 2013)Reese said that he and Elder Karlen had "another awesome week.. . .  This week was really just as incredible as the last. We keep seeing a lot of miracles and I think we are continually blessed for acknowledging them.  That is one thing I have specifically noticed this week. When you really are thankful, you will be blessed further."  His letter was filled with investigators and teaching opportunities.  They seem like they are having a great time.  Reese had a ZTM (zone training meeting) this week, which he said is "always fun."  Here are a couple of photos from the ZTM that were posted on the mission blog.  The second photo is labeled "individualists." 

On Saturday, they met with an investigator who had received an answer to prayer and they were able to set a baptismal date. Reese said it was so "straightforward" that he "was caught off guard. . . . I should be expecting those awesome answers but I haven't heard one to this point." The same day they had a couple of other nice experiences with investigators. Here's how Reese described the day: "Saturday was the stuff of legends. Brazil status." (For those of you who are not soccer fans, Brazil is a soccer powerhouse.)

I close with a photo posted by President and Sister Kosak on the mission blog.  I don't know the elders but it is labeled "Harvest in Hildesheim" and captured for me something powerful about what Reese and his fellow missionaries are doing in Germany:

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