Friday, August 9, 2013

Week #24 in Chemnitz (August 5, 2013).  Reese's email this week was titled "A Week of Miracles."  He and Elder Karlen had a wonderful week of missionary work with a couple of great experiences with investigators, one of whom has been investigating for several years.  They also found a German family while tracting to whom they gave a Book of Mormon and who asked them to come back.  On Thursday they had district meeting with President Kosak, which Reese really enjoyed.  Here is a photo of his district with Sister Kosak (President Kosak must be taking the photo):

He also had an interview with President Kosak in German that he said was "pretty neat."  The next day, during a Tausch in Mittweida, they had an opportunity to give someone a priesthood blessing which resulted in the person whom they blessed immediately feeling a lot better.  Here is a picture of the train station in Mittweida:

Reese also sent pictures of an odd swing/teeter-totter that he and Elder Karlen had found, as well as one silly picture of him and Elder Karlen:

Reese also mentioned that he, Elder Dzierzon, Elder Karlen and Elder Ashby had donned their "bird shirts" (see below) and gone to play volleyball with an investigator.  I suppose the shirts speak for themselves:

It sounded like a wonderful week about which I'd love to write more of what Reese told us but the investigator experiences feel a bit too private.  Reese concluded his letter:  "I am doing really well six months in. Pretty crazy, right?  I love it.  Love you both."

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