Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week #10 in Osnabruck (11 November 2013).  From Reese's letter it sounds like he and Elder Mitchell had a good productive week.  On Tuesday they took a double-decker bus up to Bippen (about 47 km from Osnabruck) to help an investigator paint his home and to talk about the gospel.  Here are a couple of funny photos from the front of the upper-deck during the bus ride to Bippen:

Reese and Elder Mitchell taught a "thema" at the zone training meeting on the subject of worthiness and both thought it went quite well.  They also had a fulfilling teaching appointment with a couple of Russian investigators that Reese was excited about.  Otherwise, it was mostly a week of finding.  The work remains challenging and they did not have investigators to church.  Still, the letter seemed upbeat.  My guess is that they are feeling optimism because they continue to work hard--says Dad proudly.

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