Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week #3 in Osnabruck (23 Sept. 2013).  Reese is settling into Osnabruck and seems happy.  They ride bikes some but spend most of their time on the bus or train.  Osnabruck is in the center of their rather large area (1.5 hours by train from top to bottom) and so they spend some time in the surrounding cities and villages.  Reese said that he can't explain it but the food in the West doesn't seem as tasty as the food in the East.  We shall see.  They had a multi-zone meeting in Hannover this week.  Here is a picture of Reese's Oldenburg Zone at the Hannover Conference:

Here is another fun photo of Elder Mitchell sitting at his desk in their apartment.  It's a bit out of focus but the maps give some idea of what a missionary apartment looks like:

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