Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week #4 in Osnabruck (30 September 2013).  Reese sent a few photos of his apartment--bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, study and living area, and hallway to their door:

This week Angela Merkel was reelected as Chancellor in the Bundestag.  Reese said that she had campaigned in Osnabruck, although he hadn't seen her.  It sounded like a fairly hard week--lots of finding without a lot of opportunities to teach.  Still, it sounded like Reese and Elder Mitchell were working hard.  Reese was asked to speak in sacrament meeting and spoke on Diligence.  Reese was excited to hear that his cousin, Todd Rasband, had come home from his mission.  For p-day, his district visited a castle in Bad Bentheim, which is where the district leader lives.  It's about 70 km to the west of Osnabruck, right up against the Dutch border.  Here are some photos from p-day.  The first is of his district (minus Reese); then Reese outside the castle; two views from the castle; the district shadows with name tags and the district at outside the castle.

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