Monday, February 17, 2014

Week #17 in Osnabruck (30 December 2013).  Reese and Elder Mitchell made french toast with buttermilk syrup for Christmas breakfast and seemed pleased with the effort. Here are a couple of photos:

I like what Reese said about their district goal-setting:  "I have thought a lot about this the past couple weeks. I have decided that there is a difference between goals and visions. Goals depend entirely upon you. Yes, you should have the vision to baptize every month, but that is not something that entirely depends upon you. Goals should be something measurable.  You can come home and say "I met my goal," or "I did not meet my goal." Simple principle but I think we miss it a lot. Sometimes you have a great month without a baptism, but that does not mean you have failed on your vision. I think with the goals we set, we will have a lot more success with our vision."  

Here is a fun picture of the Osnabruck elders and sisters at a lunch appointment:

And here is a photo of the remains of Christmas morning in their apartment:

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