Monday, February 17, 2014

Week #19 in Osnabruck (13 January 2014).  Reese said that the district had gotten together for lunch at Vapianos before Sister Brown and Elder Mitchell headed out to their new assignments.  I think he like Vapianos because he included a photo of his lunch:

It was a harder week of work with a lot of finding efforts but not a lot of success.  Reese related in one passage:  "We did some doors up in Schinkel and almost got the police called on us. Not the first time... We gave out one Book of Mormon. . . . Saturday, more doors, and another guy almost calling the police on us. I promise, we are not doing anything wrong!  It is very frustrating to explain that we have permission and forms to be doing doors. We always say we will leave because we don't want to be a disturbance and we try to explain that we have permission."  The conclusion of Reese's letter gives a glimpse of a missionary life in Germany where hope and optimism battle with challenges:  "It seemed like everything was finally looking up and then it came crashing down. I guess I am just excited to be starting a new week.  I love Osnabrück, and the branch here, but I feel like the work is brutal.  I just need to finding the 'missing link.'. I hope I can soon!  Love you both."

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