Monday, February 17, 2014

Week #21 in Osnabruck (27 January 2014).  Reese said that he hadn't met his 1000-conversation goal but that he had spoken with a little under 600 people during the week.  He said:  "We had a lot of good conversations.  I was really happy about that, because we were able to get some solid contacts and investigators.  I guess I didn't really think I would make it, but I knew that I just had to be talking to everyone.  I am not going to keep counting, but just try to keep it in my head to talk with everyone."  Reese had the chance to split with one of the zone leaders--Elder Stephens--and they were able to make out 6 appointments and got 3 additional contacts.  It sounded like a great night.  Later that week they met a wonderful investigator from Ghana and had a great discussion filled with the spirit.  Reese was plainly thrilled with the progress in Osnabruck. No photos from Reese this week but below I include three photos from the Hamburg leadership training from the prior week:


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