Monday, February 17, 2014

Week #20 in Osnabruck (20 January 2014).  The work continues to be challenging but Reese is working hard.  They had a leadership training meeting in Hamburg that Reese said he enjoyed.  Here is a photo of Reese on the train and a photo of Elder Hale:

The week was again full of finding efforts and an investigator couple came to church for probably the eighth time during Reese's service in Osnabruck.  Reese said:  "I am going to try to talk to 1000 people this coming week. Gotta find some investigators! . . .   It looks like we have some serious finding ahead of us. I am really hoping that we can find some good investigators. We want to get our teaching pool up to 20 people. That is going to take some real work, so here goes nothing!"

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