Saturday, July 26, 2014

Week #10 in Hannover (28 April 2014). Reese said that the week was "a solid one, although we both felt like we could have done a little better."  His father surely remembers that feeling some weeks.  It's amazing how few he seems to have had and even the letter seemed filled with missionary work each day.  A couple of letter excerpts that give some insight into the nature of the work they are doing and the number of cultures to which they are constantly exposed:  "We visited Göttingen's DM on Wednesday and it was really solid.  Elder Barr is just a solid missionary.  After the DM we ate some döner together and that was good.  Did I tell you that his comp, Elder Pinyon, is from Queensland [Reese lived in Queensland for a couple of months while his father was teaching there]?  He is a cool missionary, and misses Vegemite, although I dont know why. After DM we tausched with Braunschweig. I stayed in BS with Elder Bowman (3rd transfer missionary). We did a lot of finding and found one younger girl. During the conversation her boyfriend came over and kissed her, and then walked away. Got to protect your territory! Haha.  Found two more investigators in the morning before we had to tausch back.  Friday we were in Bad Fallingbostel....  We taught _____, _____, and _______.  They made us Jalaf rice, a classic Ghanian dish, and it was pretty solid. We had a really good discussion about the plan of salvation, and they asked some pretty deep questions. Origin of God? Yeah that was kind of hard to explain, but they are intelligent so it helps. At night we visited ______ and tried to teach a bit of the 1st lesson. We had a member from Braunschweig who can speak persian on the phone, but it was still hard." Here are a couple of photos of some cooking efforts, including a so-called "mountain man breakfast" about which Reese and Elder Atkinson sounded quite pleased:


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