Saturday, July 26, 2014

Week #18 in Hannover (23 June 2014).  Reese's email was titled "Smoovies."  He said:  "We bought a blender last week, and it is glorious! I think we ate together 30 bananas, 1 kilo apples, 1 kilo of oranges, peaches, carrots, and a bunch of frozen strawberries. Best purchase of the mission so far."  The week was otherwise full of missionary work and a tausch in Hildensheim.  The most exciting news of the week was that an investigator committed to baptism and has made great progress in stopping smoking.  They are hoping he can be baptized before Elder Atkinson goes home.  Reese thought is was a "great week."  Here is a photo of Reese and Elder Atkinson on a train.  I'm not sure of the destination:

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