Saturday, July 26, 2014

Week #15 in Hannover (2 June 2014). Reese said the week was okay but the work went forward a bit slowly.  They had a district meeting at which they worked on their Family History packets, which he said was quite fun.  They also attended the district meeting in Braunschweig and then had a mission leadership council in Berlin, which was focused on obedience and inspiring other missionaries by teaching through Joseph Smith's First Vision.  Here are a couple of photos (with Sister Schoepf, Elder Smith and Elder Atkinson) at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin:

Apparently, they usually play soccer in the church gym for a break during the missionary leadership council.  Here is a photo:


Reese and Elder Atkinson also had a chance to drop by Mel's Diner and enjoy an American hamburger:

And one more random photo of Reese and Elder Atkinson after a morning workout, presumably in the rain:

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