Saturday, July 26, 2014

Week #16 in Hannover (9 June 2014).  Said Reese:  "This week was not too shabby."   Elder Dyches was conducting a mission tour and spoke to the missionaries in Hamburg.  Reese was impressed by his enthusiasm for the work.  Here are a couple of photos from Hamburg:

As usual, Reese enjoyed seeing old companions, district-mates, etc.  Here is a photo of Reese and Elder Karlen, his former Golden:

That evening, they did a tausch with the elders in Kassel, although Reese came back to Hannover.  He said that they "went with [the stake president] to do some home teaching to a less active. That was solid because the president is a Physicist and we geeked out about the laser facility in Livermore."  The next morning they tausched back in Göttingen, which was the half-way point and then came back to Hannover.  On Saturday, they helped a sister in her garden and Reese remarked:  "Gardens in Germany are super cool. Kind of like a separate plot of land with a little cabin thing."  For Sunday, Reese said:   "Church was good, although none of our investigators came. We just want to find some more progressing investigators.... We'll figure it out :)"  Here are a few photos of Reese at a more formal garden on p-day:

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