Saturday, July 26, 2014

Week #8 in Hannover (14 April 2014). Here is a short excerpt from Reese's letter:  "This week was a solid one. I think we were both just excited that we don't really have any more big meetings coming up. I like going to them, but it is a lot better to just be working hard and staying focused. Train rides detract from focusing, or so Ive noticed....  Leadership Training Meeting in Hamburg. It seems like I am up there more often lately.  Good city though.  Elder Karlen is a DL in Bremen now, so I got to see him up there too.... Zone Training Meeting on Wednesday....  ZTM went pretty well, although the Zone is really quiet.  It was really noticable with the singing.... Oh well.  We gave a Thema on inviting people and it went really well.... Had another lesson with ______. We taught about the commandments. It was a really good lesson, and I wont forget it soon. The Atonement is great....  The week was just solid. I am excited also to stop having so many meetings. I know that sounds lame, but it is good to focus on the work finally. Jump Alert is going well, and we play bball in the mornings a lot.  Have to wake up at 6am, but it is worth it.  Life is good."  And here are a couple of photos from the Zone Training Meeting, one serious and one silly, as usual:


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