Saturday, July 26, 2014

Week #22 in Hannover (21 July 2014).  Reese continues to sound joyful about missionary work.  Two children were baptized this week, including the child of one new member they had baptized a couple of months ago.  Reese was able to do the confirmation.  After his usual day-by-day description, Reese said:  "Mostly just a great week - I am excited for everything that is going on here. We didn't actually meet with too many people from our teaching pool last week so we are getting on top of that. We are going to work hard for Elder Atke's last week. It will be great."  Reese and Elder Atkinson have reason to be proud for working so hard right up until the end of Elder Atkinson's mission.  On p-day on their way to Marienburg Castle, they took these photos in a wheat field.  The D&C 4 image is powerful:

Here are a few photos of the castle:


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