Saturday, July 26, 2014

Week #9 in Hannover (21 April 2014).  A couple of short excerpts from Reese's letter:  "Last week was pretty good, although we are going to have to push our baptismal dates back a little bit. Just have to meet a little bit more and make sure everyone gets to church.  By the way. if you remember _____ from Chemnitz, he was baptized this week!  Isnt that amazing? I knew it would happen at some point :).... Tuesday we had District Meeting and then ate with Schwester _________.  Had some solid brats. Did some finding in Stöcken. All the zone members were finding at the same time. We had hoped to see more results from it, and we were one of two companionships to find anyone. Too bad... We visited the DM in Braunschweig on Wednesday and then tausched with Göttingen afterwards. Gotta love riding in the train all day." Here are a couple of photos of their p-day excursion on what is called the "Red Path" in Hannover:

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